JYards does not support the returning of all kinds of items. To understand the product categories that cannot be returned, please check our latest Return & Refund Policy

You can place your online return order on ( ) for any product item that is eligible for return within five (5) calendar days of the item receipt date. JYards apologizes for not being able to approve return orders that do not conform to this time span condition.

Please note that JYards must always be involved in any return case. Our customers cannot initiate return shipments based on their own preferences without placing a return order, and waiting for the decision of JYards. The return address must always be obtained from JYards, and not from the original airway bill of the shipment received. Our return process flows as follows:

  • Place your online return order on ( ), which can be also reached by clicking on the “Return Form” hyperlink in JYards’ top navigation bar. This task requires you to fill in the mandatory pieces of information before submitting your return order.
  • Wait for an email from JYards, which shall announce the official decision of JYards on the requested return case.
  • If the return was approved, please follow the instructions included in the email—as the process may vary from one case to another, knowing that: (a) for certain cases: the return shipping is managed directly by JYards in coordination with the customer, and (b) for other cases: the customer will be instructed by JYards to manage the return shipping at his/her own discretion. Whatever the instructions were, they will always be governed by and aligned with JYards’ return policy.



To explore JYards’ refund policy, please follow this URL:

We make refunds in two forms:

  • Cash Refund: paid back to the original payment method used by the customer who were granted an approval for a return with a refund, and namely:
    • PayPal; or
    • Visa, MasterCard, or American Express payment cards—whether they were credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or virtual prepaid cards as long as they are activated for online payment.
  •  Store Credit Refund: paid back as an online gift card holding the refund value that the customer can be spent by creating orders within JYards.

Store credits expire after nine (9) months from the date of issuing them, and can be used online at any time during this period. JYards will try to send one reminder email to the buyer holding store credit(s) to fully consume the credit(s) that is about to expire at least thirty (30) days before the expiry date. Even if JYards failed to send such reminder emails, aged store credit will be expired according to this policy.

To explore JYards’ store credit policy, please follow this URL: